Invoicing and Billing

AltaPoint makes invoicing and billing your clients a snap. Design

your own invoice and statement formats with your favorite Windows

fonts and styles.  You can continue to use your existing pre-printed

invoice and statement forms -- or use AltaPoint to produce

professional-looking laser invoices and statements on plain paper! 

Management Reports

AltaPoint comes with a complete set of accounting and management

reports. In addition to flexible reports that come built into the system,

you can design an unlimited number of your own reports and forms.

All reports support your favorite Windows fonts and can be

previewed on the screen before printing.

Appointments & Tasks

Use AltaPoint to record and manage all of your appointments and

tasks. Set up repeat appointments and special days. You can add

alarms and notes. View appointments by day, week and month.  You

can even view appointments for multiple doctors on one screen.

Inventory Control

Use AltaPoint to track and control all of your inventory items.

Maintain desired stocking levels and reorder points. Track the

revenue, and cost of goods sold for each product in inventory.

Vaccination History and Certificates

AltaPoint tracks patient vaccination history and subsequent reminder

dates.  Printing vaccination certificates is easily done as you enter

patient invoices.

Store Pictures and other Images

Use a scanner or digital camera to capture and store pictures of

patients, clients, contacts and employees.

Detailed Clinical Records

You can maintain unlimited clinical records and other notes

for each patient.  In addition, you can enter detailed notes for

each invoice item.  To better track the kind of information

most meaningful to your individual practice, you can define

custom data fields that can be unique to each species


AltaPoint is designed for small animal, large animal, and

mixed practices.  The system can be used effectively by solo

practitioners as well as group clinics.


AltaPoint simplifies and streamlines the tedious task of generating

reminder notices.  Vaccinations and other procedures that require

follow-up visits can be set to automatically generate future reminder


Letters, Labels, and Post Cards

AltaPoint’s integrated report writer allows you to create any number

of custom letters, file labels, mailing labels, and post cards.

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